5 Truths Your Aesthetician Wants You to Know about Skincare

It’s important for clients to understand that aged and sun-damaged skin can’t be fixed in just one visit. Restoring, repairing, and maintaining healthy skin is an ongoing process and having realistic expectations about skincare is key to being happy with your results. 

Here are five truths about skin and skincare that are important to know whether you’re thinking about a new skincare service, product, or shopping around for a skincare expert.

1. Skin is your largest organ.

Most people don’t realize that skin is an organ! If your liver, heart or lungs becomes damaged, healing won’t happen overnight. Nor will that organ ever return to perfect health if continually abused. Yet somehow when it comes to skin, most people have unrealistic expectations. They expect us to just take a magic wand and fix them as if restoring a canvas. If only it were that simplistic.

2. Skin is in constant fluctuation.

Skin is the gatekeeper of your body. You must take care and respect it as such—its role goes beyond just aesthetics. Skin plays a very important role in protecting all other organs; it prevents pathogens from entering our body, regulates body temperature, and so much more. The complicated nature of our skin represents a challenge when clients expect that a single treatment will get them the results they want. This just isn’t how skin works.

3. Skincare is not one-size-fits-all.

Deceitful marketing has played a big part in creating unrealistic expectations with one-size-fits-all beauty claims. Our role as skin experts is to debunk and reeducate our clients. This starts with a thorough client intake and consultation process so we can understand and assess a person’s individual health and skincare habits, age, medications, and lifestyle.

We offer a broad range of solutions and treatments that can greatly improve the look and health of your skin. The degree to how much we can improve skin conditions depends greatly on how compliant the client will be at-home care and our recommendations for continued treatment. At Skin Vitality, we strongly believe in executing our services in the proper order and sequence to achieve the best results for each unique client.

4. Skincare should be left to real experts.

The beauty industry is a multi-billion dollar industry, and there are a lot of get-rich-quick gimmicks and shady practices. Some so-called “skin experts” see dollar signs and think, “Oh, I can get some quick cash with this new skin fad,” or, “This seems easy and fun.” These people start making false claims or over-promise that such-and-such cream or these 1-2 services are the “skin care holy grail.” Social media adds fuel to the flames by embellishing claims with Photoshopped before-and-after photos. Many of these people don’t have the proper background to perform these services, and once they have a platform they claim to be authorities so they can take advantage of our desires to look like the people in their photographs. With so much false information out there, there is a lot of confusion and frustration for clients who are disappointed when they don’t see the same results. 

5. Skincare is not the same as hair or nail care

The beauty business is comprised of many facets. Hair and nails—both of which grow and are not living past the scalp or cuticle—do grow (some better than others), but they don’t have circulating blood and are not AN ORGAN. If you damage your hair or nails, they will grow back and you get to start over. As long as you don’t continually abuse them, they are far more forgiving than the long and lasting effects of skin damage in the form of sun exposure and the potential of skin cancer.

These are all reasons why it is critical to find a skin expert you trust—someone who is ethical and committed to best practices. Verify that they are appropriately certified, licensed and educated in the services they offer and that they are truly listening to your needs. Do your homework and make sure you feel good about the person/people you are trusting your largest organ with! We’d love to help match you with the services and products you need to achieve the results you’re looking for. Schedule a consultation with us!

Sigrid Yorke

LE, CPCT, CPT, CMA Cosmetic Tattoo Artist, Aesthetics, Lasers, Ultherapy Sigrid is a licensed aesthetician, film and theater trained makeup artist, cosmetic tattoo artist, phlebotomist, and clinical medical assistant. Yes, in that order! This unique accumulation of education, certifications, and experience has expanded over her 36 year career, with 22 of those years spent working directly with plastic surgeons.

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