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What type of Permanent Cosmetic Service is best for my eyebrows?

Powder Fill

This type is the most commonly seen. However, if you can tell that it's tattooed on, then it’s not done well and or it is what is called the “Solid Brow” or block brow technique. Powder fill techniques and pigments have come a LONG way over the years and the result that I achieve is a very soft and powdery look, undetectable from traditional cosmetic pencils except that they are perfectly applied 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. They are also a great a base should you desire to add more with traditional makeup. The powder fill is a recommended technique for skin that is oily or has large pores.


Ombre’ Brows are similar to powder-filled eyebrows but go from dark to light towards the upper part of the brow. This is my new personal favorite—it’s beautiful and soft. This is also the latest trend in Permanent Makeup. What’s more, it’s a great way to cover up failed microblading eyebrows.

Hair Stroke

AKA Microblading, 3D Eye Brows, Embroidery Brows, Feather Brows

This type of brow is taking the internet and social media by storm. The service can be done with a machine or with a manual tool. I do both and pick the method based on the client’s skin and lifestyle. Once your shape has been drawn, each hair stroke is individually implanted with pigment to give the appearance of actual “hairs” in a beautiful pattern. The simulated hairs are not mirrored from one brow to another. Instead, they flow with the natural hairs that are growing in your brow area. I also find this is far better when done with a single nanoneedle as it allows for a more durable, hairline stroke with more even healing. Using a single nanoneedle to create the appearance of a hair stroke is a mastered art form that can only be achieved with years of experience. Book now!

Permanent Makeup or Semi-Permanent Makeup?

Any time the skin is punctured, poked or mini-sliced and pigment is deposited it is a permanent change! There is no such thing as semi-permanent makeup. To find out more about the myth of semi-permanent makeup and microblading, go to All cosmetic procedures fade, and some may fade away completely over time. There are many factors that affect the length of time that you will be satisfied with the appearance of your pigment. The pigment particles are placed into the dermal layer of the skin and remain there permanently, hence the name permanent cosmetics. This is not meant to imply that your pigments will look the same forever. Just like a chair sitting in the window fades from sunlight, pigments are affected and change over time based on numerous factors like medications, lifestyle, skin products, esthetic treatment, UV exposure, skin health, age and so on. Your skin is a living organ and like the rest of our body, it changes.

Skin Vitality advises to refrain from getting color refreshing or boosting services for as long as possible, and instead use traditional cosmetics to enhance your fading pigment. This will ensure a truly “fresh” boost when the time comes and it also protects the integrity of the skin. We recommended to wait a minimum of 18 months before getting your first color refreshing service. You may not want or need to come back for to come back for several years. Due to the high quality of pigments we use at Skin Vitality you are not committed in any way to continuous maintenance. Your pigment will simply fade away slowly over time. However, generally speaking our clients love their look so much that we often see them between 2 and 10 years for a color boost.

Is one type of service better for me than another?

YES! Most clients have certain factors that greatly influence the success of Permanent Cosmetic Services. Answering a few simple questions really helps in deciding which technique is right for you.

If YES, then you are a fabulous candidate for permanent cosmetics because you are most likely struggling with keeping your cosmetics in place. If you have this skin type you are less likely to be a candidate for the hair stroke technique. Your skin type may simply not allow the delicate hair strokes to heal within the skin. The Powder Fill Technique is more likely to be beautiful for you for an extended time. There are clients with oily skin that prefer to try the hair stroke technique—and many go very successfully—but the decision is ultimately yours.

**Medications often prescribed for troubled skin are also a red flag that you should wait for your service. Those on Accutane must wait a full calendar year prior to obtaining permanent cosmetic services.

If YES, then you are probably one of the gorgeous faces that would see a very dramatic and wonderful ‘lift’ to your appearance if your natural brows are sparse, pale or almost non-existent. Pale skin with light hair is not the best for Microblading or Hair Line Stroke. Why? Because in order to see each hair stroke, the pigment needs to be medium to dark; you would not see it in a blond color. But a blond Ombre Brow or Powder Fill Technique is GORGEOUS. If you are daring and like a dark brow we can add a few Dark Hair strokes at your perfecting session. I recommend starting with a soft tone on pale clients.

Hair lines strokes are more delicate and need to be maintained about every 18 to 24 months. If you don’t want the commitment, then it’s not the best choice.

If YES to this question, please reschedule your appointment and consider 30 days with limited sun exposure on either side of your appointment. Tanned skin is damaged skin, and your color will not heal properly.

You are a perfect person for our services, BUT if the answer is YES you really need to think about the time investment that you are about to make. The powder filled brows will heal beautifully with 1 week of proper care. Hair stroke technique require two weeks of care. Any perspiration or overexertion will compromise this work of art I have just placed in your skin. Salt is used to REMOVE pigment, and hundreds of talented, educated technicians have all been documenting results that have shown a dramatic improvement in retaining pigment if you can make this commitment to the healing time. Please don’t book if you can’t make this commitment. Remember, it is just as important to me that your brows heal amazingly.

If the answer is YES, then please come in for an HD Brow Service. This requires no commitment, and may help you to make a decision that you feel 100% confident about.You can also bring pictures of your younger brows or eyebrows you have seen and liked. We can talk about your face shape and what is the most flattering brow for you. During this service we will wax or tweeze your shape and tint your brows. This way you can make an informed decision. Please note that the $50.00 fee for this appointment is not a consultation fee that can be applied to your service if you book it. It covers the tinting, shaping and time.

You should only book a permanent makeup service if you feel 100% sure, and more importantly are doing it for yourself.

If the answer is YES, than you will need to consider maintenance. White hairs are more visible on the surface of all pigment techniques. Permanent makeup is applied under the skin, think of it as a backdrop to the hairs you already have. A very soft Power Fill brow behind the light hairs is beautiful. If you are certain that you want more color in your pigment, then you need to know that maintenance of your natural hairs will be required. Tinting your natural hairs on an ongoing basis is one option. Shaving or waxing is another option. It is important to realize that white, very light, or clear brows create a beautiful dimension to a soft powdery brow without locking you into ongoing weekly maintenance. Alternatively, creating a slightly bolder frame to your face can appear to take years off a maturing face and create an illusion of an eye lift. This is really a personal decision that only you can make. Remember, if we start light, we can always add some additional color. I recommend trying the soft powdery brow first. Then we can add some depth at your perfecting appointment or a future colour boost if you decide.

FAQs: Permanent Makeup

Most permanent makeup or micro-pigmentation procedures require one initial treatment with a second application in four weeks. Generally, permanent makeup takes between one to two hours to complete. The applications will generally need a touch up refresher any where from three to ten years.

With most procedures, patients may experience mild discomfort and minimal swelling.

Permanent makeup is a good option for women who have allergies to cosmetic makeup. This is often one of the only alternatives they may have to make up.

There may be slight swelling and redness in the skin that will typically subside within a day. Most patients are able to return to normal activities immediately, except gardening, heavy exercise and activities that cause you to perspire the first week. You should also avoid direct sunlight, wearing makeup and contact lenses for a couple days; also, avoid exposure to chlorinated or salt water for 3 weeks post-procedure. End results may be viewed by the end of eight weeks.

The procedures used in permanent makeup are non-surgical, so choosing a qualified practitioner to perform your permanent makeup procedure greatly reduces a number of risks. The delicate nature of many places where permanent makeup is applied requires an understanding of facial structures and anatomy. Visualizing the outcome of a permanent makeup procedure may be easier for individuals with extensive experience in cosmetic methods. Practitioners with a combined expertise as a make up artist and medical aesthetics background are preferred.

*Individual results may vary

We are currently reopened with limited appointments, hours and services, due to following strict safety protocols. 

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